As a child, I competed in a wide variety of sports, primarily track and field. I was always a huge track fan. I can recall arriving at home after each track meet and carefully placing my ribbons and medals in my designated storage area?.a shoebox. As a teenager, the medal count grew and so did the inventory in my shoebox. As an adult I decided to involve my children in athletics not only because of the health benefits associated with being involved in sports but also because athletics teaches discipline, dedication, commitment and the pursuit of excellence that transcends to other areas of our lives.

My family and I were inside Estádio Olímpico (The Olympic Stadium) at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. We watched in anticipation and amazement (and lost our voices cheering) as the world?s top athletes competed for top awards and were rewarded with medals, the ultimate representation of dedication, passion, training and sacrifice.

I have been asking athletes and parents the following question for several years. ?Where do you keep your medals?? The typical response has been ,?in my dresser drawer?, ?In a shoebox, or ?in my nightstand drawer?. Medals represent the fact that you are victorious and that all your hard work has been recognized and rewarded.

Why keep your symbols of victory hidden away in a box or drawer? SuperiorMedalHangers started on the premise that athletes should be able to display their medals in style?with encouraging words?in their favourite space. Being able to proudly view your accomplishments daily will be a continued source of motivation and inspiration. SuperiorMedalHangers is proud to bring you premium quality medal hangers and more, all at a price that can fit everyone?s budget.

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